Saturday, November 27, 2010

2G scam & Tata Namak

Just when Ratan tata felt that he could retire with his head held up high came the 2G scam.
Nira radia the PR management lady was caught on tape discussing or proposing A Raja for Telecom minister as requested by "Ratan".

Now just few days before the tapes came out, Ratan tata had mentioned that he was asked to pay a bribe by an Indian Minister to start a domestic airline company some years back.
The Impression made by Ratan was that he refused to paying the bribe and as such is an innocent man. I have my own reservations on this, I feel the head of Tata is close to his retirement and wants to finish his career on a clean state. So many magazines and sites carried stories of how he"came" to the top fighting people like Russi Mody who was shown as an "old" fashioned and hot headed leader.

So it seems the retirement plans were probably shaken by the tata name getting dragged into the 2G spectrum controversy.

Surely Ratan had to fix the mess before his exit...and so you can see an interview in which the clear explanation from tata side is given.... When nobody even asked for it...:)
why the hurry to explain and why now ?

The fact that tatas had hired Nira radia's PR firm makes the case bit simpler. It appears the stories were planted in the media by Nira with her journalist coterie.
What strikes me is Ratan tata has now come out in defence of the tapes on NDTV which is a channel friendly to the Barkha Dutt/Nira Radia sisterhood.

what worries me is why a PR management company had to contact journalists to fix candidates.
Unless of course money exchanged hands the Journalists would not themselves get involved in such a high stakes game. Surely a journalist would not do such things for free!
Also In my opinion Vir & Barkha & the entire NDTV lot is on the pay roll of "you know who"
So it is not surprising but surprising with the timing of the above interview.

Coupled with the fact that head of Bajaj said that without corruption not many deals can be made in the India of today!

So the moot question is not if people were involved or not. But the questions remains how long the corrupt will continue and how long will people keep protecting them ?


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